Seadi Takes First at Brazil PWA Comp

Brazilian windsurfer notches his first win of 2007 season.
by Brian McDowell
Kauli Seadi's dreams come true as a sensational win on his doorstep continues the 2007 trend of home advantage. This crucial victory marks the Brazilian's first event title of the season, and protects his grip on the tour lead.

There was no doubt in the crowd's minds as to who'd won as a throng of supporters carried Seadi from the water's edge to the podium before the decision was announced.

The judges seemed to agree and a unanimous 5-0 decision awarded him the victory.

Final Results

1. Kauli Seadi (Quatro / Naish)
2. Nik Baker (Mistral / North)
3. Levi Siver (Starboard / NeilPryde)
4. Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Simmer)
5. Kevin Pritchard (Starboard / MauiSails)
6. Robby Swift (JP / NeilPryde)
= 7. Klaas Voget (Fanatic / NeilPryde)
= 7. Jason Polakow (JP / NeilPryde)
= 9. Ross Williams (Tabou / Gaastra)
= 9. Julien Taboulet (F2 / Naish)
= 9. Vidar Jensen (North)
= 9. Josh Angulo

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