Maui Sails Team

February has been an intense and happy month for all the members of the Maui Sails Team.
Josh has been flying in and out of Maui to pick up all his new babies: sails, masts, extensions, etc… Lucky guy, he managed to get some of the best Hookipa sessions in a while, allowing him to test his new wave sails, the Legend and the Global. He scored one of the biggest sailable days at Hookipa in a long time. Only him and Alex Aguera out, getting flash backs from when they sailed Jaws for the first time on their own. He also started tuning everything for his upcoming season in Slalom, in which he we'll be using Tabou Slalom boards.
Back in Cape Verde he rushed around between flights to Boa Vista, Sao Vicente, just like a proper businessmen, organizing the last details for the Cape Verde PWA event. At this moment, Josh is second at the Cape Verde event, with still the double elimination to run, so he could still have the victory in his first event sailing with Maui Sails.
Gabriel Browne (BRA-50) has now signed with the brand, and at only 17 he is one of the hottest up and coming sailors in the PWA Slalom 42 fleet.
Gabriel comes from a long line of Champion Windsurfers. He is Marcilio Brown's brother (Brawzinho), current Freestyle World champion, but also his dad and his uncle were Brazil Windsurfing Champions.
He is now in Maui, training and testing together with Barry Spanier, how says about Gabriel "We have been looking for a young racer for some time and Gabriel fits the role. He has shown some promising results over the past 2 years and we look forward to supporting him as he grows into a premier racer".
This season Gabriel will be focus on the PWA Slalom 42 and some specific Formula events. He is stocked about been with Maui Sails, saying "Joining the Maui Sails team is a dream for me and now I have great opportunity to learn more about windsurfing from some of the best people in the sport. I'm looking forward to some serious training on Maui over the next few months and then heading off to compete on the PWA World Tour Slalom 42 events. I now have all the support I need and together with my effort I'm looking forward to an exciting year".
So far, he took part in the Calema midwinters, and the young sailor finished 5th on the event (quite impressive as he was fighting with big names like Antoine Albeau, Jimmy Diaz, Gonzalo Costa) and he was really happy about the performance of his rig

At the same time, on the other side of the World, Martin van Meurs was recovering from a broken leg, wishing he could be out trying to break some speed records. But while he was recovering, his team mate Dirk Doppenberg was breaking the Doutch speed record  with a 44,57 knots blast.
For both Barry Spanier and Artur Szpunar, it was an intese and happy month. With loads of testing and really good feedback from the testers, new materials to try and test and loads of motivation towards the new 2009 Maui Sails Designs.
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