Kitesurfers fighting against Power

Kitesurfers feel that OÜ Nelja Energia puts their lives at risk.
The company has set in place kaytserferov favourite, on the northern cape Ristna in Hiiumaa, with the mast anemorumbometrom. Against the mast no one has danger fastening ropes, which may add kite surfers.
If someone still does not know Kite Surf - so if simplistically say, when people dressed in suits on the board for surfing on the waves slide and pulls his kite, or air snakes.
"First of all, it's dangerous so long straps that can be entangled in Dublin tether mast, and then the kite becomes impossible to manage. He can draw on track for a "ropes - has expressed concern kaytserfer Yaano Martin Ots.
In a more three-page treatment steam tens unions investigates why when installing masts not taken into account the requests and suggestions of experts on safety surfers.
Power workers argue that they did not receive any offers, the more so that the mast is installed there, for two years, and its installation consistent with the service of environmental protection and township government. Try, razberis those rights.
"We contacted the Estonian Union Kitesurfing lessons and trying to find a compromise, especially on the issue of security - noted director of the company has approved the mast Martin Kruus. -- As one of the steps we are prepared to reduce the period to one year of measurement, and to enhance the security necessary to install warning signs. "
"It is clear that the responsibility for the safety of himself kaytserfer, evaluating potential risks. Our mast is a factor that must be taken into account. Other facilities located on the bank of trees, rocks, buildings, electric lines, parked cars, even when other people have also provided a threat "- adds Kruus, who hoped to find a common language with surfers
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