You have probably asked yourself why are there two governing bodies in kitesurfing/kiteboarding?
KPWT stands for Kiteboard Pro World Tour and PKRA for Professional Kiteboard Riders Association.
Their goal is exactly the same - working out a world kiteboarding tournament.
An easy Google search will help you understand why KPWT and PKRA are running in different paths.
There a lot of kitesurfers looking for those answers.
The question is: having different competitions and ruling formats, wouldn't it be possible to join both 'brains' and bring up the best competition ever made like ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) has been doing for a long time?
The sponsors would get a focused attention, the running custs would be cut to half, the KPWT/PKRA would strength one unique tour brand, the merchandising turnover would rise quickly and the public eyes would be focused on one single tour. Oh, and by the way, the professional kitesurfers would certainly be sure that they would be trying to be the absolute best athlete of their sport.
Not the X or Y champion in a determined category.
Joining KPWT and PKRA is not easy. But, isn't waveriding a tough challenge by itself?

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