'The Windsurfing Movie' to be shown in London

National Windsurfing Week are appreciative to advertise the aboriginal UK Premiere in a British cinema of The Windsurfing Movie.
"The Windsurfing Movie" at The Prince Charles Cinema abreast Leicester Square in London, on the black of Tuesday 29th April. This will be the first, and apparently only, befalling to see what abounding feel to be the best blur anytime fabricated about windsurfing on a big screen.
Tickets for the assuming are £10 each, and can be appointed in beforehand by calling the box appointment on 0870 811 2559, or purchased on the aperture accountable to availability.
All profits will be donated to the RNLI.
Doors accessible at 6.00pm with the blur actuality credible at 6.45pm
The Windsurfing Movie is assertive to be windsurfing's defining film. Directed by accolade acceptable cinematographer Johnny DeCesare of Poor Boyz Productions and featuring the best riders in windsurfing history—The Windsurfing Movie conveys the adorableness of Windsurfing in ablaze 16mm film.
How does an 11-year-old kid from a baby landlocked boondocks in Oregon become admired as the best freesailor in the world? The Windsurfing Movie activity follows Red Bull amateur Levi Siver in his decade continued advance to the top of windsurfing. Using never afore credible footage from Levi's childhood, The Windsurfing Movie will bang a bond with anyone who has anytime dared to dream—and watched that dream about-face into article more.
What will bodies bethink about Levi Siver's windsurfing career? Contest results, a Apple Title—we don't know. Siver likens himself to a artist whose music withstands the analysis of time. Every beachcomber credible in The Windsurfing Movie is a adventitious for Levi to appearance what windsurfing can be!
Jason Polakow's resume includes acceptable aback to aback Wavesailing Apple Titles in 1997-98. But those achievements are overshadowed by the access of Polakow's appearance on the action itself. Polakow revolutionized the windsurfing apple with powerful, tweaked aerials and is amenable for the actualization of the pin appendage as the appearance of best for windsurfing boards. But one moment can change everything—and no one knows that bigger than Polakow. After a abominable motocross crash, doctors said Polakow may never airing after a limp, let abandoned windsurf again. A year after Polakow won in the finals of the PWA Hawaii Pro adjoin Apple Champion
The Windsurfing Movie< activity is a adventitious for Polakow to analysis the boundaries of wavesailing. Polakow's sites are set on windsurfing the best able after-effects in the apple and Poor Boyz Windsurfing will be there to abduction the images.
At 12 year's old, Kai Lenny is windsurfing's beneficiary apparent. Not back the again 13 year-old Robby Naish won his aboriginal appellation has there been a added heralded adolescent windsurfer. The affiliation amid Lenny and his idol Robby Naish is undeniable—with identical accessory and absolute talent.
Lenny afraid assemblage at this year's Aloha Classic as he rode behemothic after-effects with a aplomb able-bodied above his years. Kai's accustomed adeptness is guided by a admiring ancestors and molded by the sailors he's developed up with. His appetence for windsurfing is catching and scenes from The Windsurfing Movie will draw kids to the sport.
Any acceptable windsurfing adventure charge accommodate Robby Naish. During the common bang of windsurfing in the 1980's, Naish was absolutely dominant. His account of achievements includes 24 apple championships and rivals any ability in sports history.
Naish's windsurfing career started in his, and the sports adolescence—his aboriginal titles happened in a time back windsurfing booms were fabricated of wood! Back asked to accompany The Windsurfing Movie project, Naish had one capital condition—that the blur isn't a attendant "Robby Naish Story." Robby capital an befalling to windsurf in the best locations and captain with his friends. After lugging accessory about the apple for two decades, area does Naish appetite to go? Mauritius, Cape Verde, Japan, and Tahiti to name a few…
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